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About Me

Thiago (tee-ah-goh) Arzua (ar-zoo-ah)

Pronouns: he/him




Bachelor of Arts 
in Biochemistry

University of South Florida

2012 - 2016

Doctor of Philosophy in Neuroscience

Medical College of Wisconsin

2016 - 2021


Neuroscience has been a passion for as long as I can remember. During my doctoral studies, I became more specialized in developmental neuroscience, as in how are human brains created and what affects those processes.

My graduate research focused on the effects of alcohol on the developing brain, basically studying what happens when pregnant mothers drink. Our lab was among the first ones to model this range of conditions, called Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders,  with human stem cell-derived brain organoids. Using them we also uncovered key mechanisms by which these adverse effects might take place.


Currently, I am in the first year of my postdoctoral appointment, applying what I learned during my Ph.D. to understand the developmental mechanisms by which information about stressful events can be passed through generations. Click on the links below to learn more!


I have been an avid triathlete, albeit not a fast one, for almost 10 years. Click below to follow my workouts and races.


Here you will find all the non-academic writing, e.g. opinion posts, science communication etc


Currently working on an overarching summary of the many different advocacy efforts I engage with; stay tuned.

Coming Soon


For the past year or so I started painting just because. The colorful brain on the top of this page is one of those works, and more are coming!

Coming Soon

Outside the lab

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