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About Me

Neuroscience has been a passion for as long as I can remember. During my doctoral studies, I became more specialized in developmental neuroscience, as in how are human brains created and what affects those processes.

Currently, I am applying what I learned during my Ph.D. to understand the developmental mechanisms by which information about stressful events can be passed through generations. 



Bachelor of Arts 
in Biochemistry

University of South Florida

2012 - 2016

Doctor of Philosophy in Neuroscience

Medical College of Wisconsin

2016 - 2021


I have been an avid triathlete, albeit not a fast one, for almost 10 years. Click below to follow my workouts and races.


Here you will find all the non-academic writing, e.g. opinion posts, science communication etc


Currently working on an overarching summary of the many different advocacy efforts I engage with; stay tuned.

Coming Soon


For the past year or so I started painting just because. The colorful brain on the top of this page is one of those works, and more are coming!

Coming Soon

Outside the lab

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